Fish Fun

My older kiddo is really interested in ocean animals these days.  Ok more like obsessed.  We watch more Octonauts than I care to say, have plastic critters in the tub, read books about oceans each night, you name it!  So naturally on a day when we have nothing going on we decided to check out a local aquarium.  We drove to the local Sea Life aquarium in Grapevine Mills mall and bought the (expensive) tickets using a ‘kids get in free’ coupon.  Kids under 3 get in free and we just missed that cut off!  So a small fortune and a food court run later, we began exploring.  We were there on a relatively slow Sunday right before the crowds, which was perfect for our ‘big adventures’ looking at the colorful fish.  Highlights included some sea turtles, sting rays, an impressive shark tunnel, and at the end there was an area to touch sea stars and a hermit crab.  Supervised by a kind staff member or course.  Overall, the experience was great. the baby enjoyed looking around too.  My advice: go when it isn’t crowded and get a coupon!  We spent about an hour wandering around, which was just about enough for my crew.


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