The Best Gift

Several years ago I received a “Line A Day 5-year Journal” as a thank you gift for speaking at an event. At the time I didn’t think I would ever use it. I think it sat in a drawer for several months. When I found out I was pregnant in 2011, I thought it would be the perfect way to document pregnancy and life! Boy was I right! I’ve now be journaling almost every night, for 3 years!

The journal makes it super easy to capture just a few thoughts from each day. I typically try to write about work, family, and pop culture events. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown and changed in the past 3 years. This book would be a great idea for a bridesmaid gift, hostess gift, etc. I literally buy at least 5 a year to give away. Cheers to journaling.



Fish Fun

My older kiddo is really interested in ocean animals these days.  Ok more like obsessed.  We watch more Octonauts than I care to say, have plastic critters in the tub, read books about oceans each night, you name it!  So naturally on a day when we have nothing going on we decided to check out a local aquarium.  We drove to the local Sea Life aquarium in Grapevine Mills mall and bought the (expensive) tickets using a ‘kids get in free’ coupon.  Kids under 3 get in free and we just missed that cut off!  So a small fortune and a food court run later, we began exploring.  We were there on a relatively slow Sunday right before the crowds, which was perfect for our ‘big adventures’ looking at the colorful fish.  Highlights included some sea turtles, sting rays, an impressive shark tunnel, and at the end there was an area to touch sea stars and a hermit crab.  Supervised by a kind staff member or course.  Overall, the experience was great. the baby enjoyed looking around too.  My advice: go when it isn’t crowded and get a coupon!  We spent about an hour wandering around, which was just about enough for my crew.

Collin’s Winter One-derland Birthday!

For Collin’s 1st birthday this year, I went with a pretty cute little theme: Winter One-derland. His birthday is Jan. 3, so it was super easy to find winter-themed paper goods right after the holidays.  Below are some pics from the fun day.

Winter One-derland Invitation

We ordered custom invitations from Meghiliy’s Printables on Etsy.  She turned the order around super fast, then I had them printed at Walgreens.  (I cropped my address out of this version).

Winter One-derland Snacks

Here’s our snack table.  Nothing too exciting, but everything was soy-free (of course).  My MIL’s 7-layer salad was a hit, as usual!

Winter One-derland Cupcakes

Here’s our dessert table.  The kiddos at the party were obsessed with this table (some of the adults were too).  The cake and cupcakes came from The Tiny Cake Shop in Keller.  All organic and soy/cinnamon free! The cake was gone, but there were a few cupcakes left over : )

Winter One-derland Cake

Happy Birthday Banner

This banner was made at home, the night before the party, courtesy of Shanty-To-Chic.  She has the whole alphabet available as printables and a few designs too!

The party turned out great and the Texas weather really pulled through for us (I think it was 70 that day)!  The party was festive, but not too theme-y which was the look I was going for.

Inspiration Post – Rah Rah TCU

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Thanks WordPress for the writing prompt!  This might sounds generic or cliche, but the experience that completely changed my life was going to college.  At TCU I had the opportunity to meet new people, learn the skills that I use in my job every single day, develop my independence, and launch my career path.  From there, my career introduced me to new friends, a passion for aviation, and my husband!  And of course, now I have a baby with that husband!  I honestly do not think I would be where I am today without the life skills and experience I gained while at TCU.  I consider myself so fortunate that I had that opportunity and I am so grateful to all my family and friends that supported me through my education.

I have so many great memories from that 4-year period in my life and I still have so much love for my Horned Frog family!


Adopting a Kitten

Welcome to the family little Tuxedo Cat!  You don’t know this yet, but you are joining a great family!  We have a one-year-old that will chase you and pull your tail.  He’s obsessed with cats.  Literally, obsessed.  But don’t worry, we’ll protect you!  He means well. I promise!  We will keep your food bowl full and your litter box clean.  You are welcome to snuggle in our bed at night, as long as you don’t tear up our fancy hand-me-down furniture.  We’ll try to keep the dogs out of your space too, they don’t really like cats.  Anyway, welcome!  We are so glad you are home with us!


Trader Joes in Grapevine Texas

I went out shopping today, enjoying a half day off of work. I stopped by a few local stores in the neighborhood. I commented to one of the cashiers at a baby resale shop that the strip center had really started bustling in the past few months. When we moved here four years ago, it looked like it was dying.

The cashier said they were extremely pleased with the foot traffic and then she mentioned that Trader Joes was interested in setting up shop in the strip center! I’ve only been to Trader Joe’s once on a work trip to San Francisco, but I hear its all the rage! Super exciting news (if true) for the City of Grapevine! I know I’ll be first in line for Two Buck Chuck (aka wine).

Girls Trip!

Every year my three best friends take a short weekend getaway that is just us. No husbands, kids, boyfriends, parents, pets, work etc (read: responsibilities). We each take turns planning a year and it’s a surprise to the rest of us a few weeks before we go. Previously we have been to Savannah, Seattle, and Boston. This year the big event was in Nashville. Everyone was excited except my husband (first time to be alone with two kids!). I started the trip by crying (first time to leave the two kids) and departed from the newly renovated and nicely updated Love Field. It’s pretty fancy now. Once we were in the air the stress and anxiety of daily life faded away pretty quickly! I started reading a book and ate some snacks without having to give my Kindle to my toddler or share my pretzels with anyone. (It really doesn’t take much to get me excited.). I took a cab ride to the hotel and met up with my pals and the weekend was off to a great start! Nashvillians were few and far between, we met more people from out of town than we expected, but there was live music everywhere and the drinks were cold and plentiful! We are not huge country music fans, but we payed omage to the legendary spots (Grand ole opry tour was fabulous). We even snuck in a haunted tavern tour! It was so fun and now the weekend is over and it’s time to go back to my babies:). I can’t wait to see them!